Alumni of the Week – Opeyemi Salem Konigbagbe

Hello guys, welcome to another exciting episode of the Alumni of the week series.

We hope the series has been entertaining and educating.

Before we proceed, here is the link to the previous edition, incase you missed it.

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Our Next feature for this week is our very own passionate, Opeyemi Salem Konigbagbe.

He is one of our student from the Batch B session of the Aba Mastering Footwear Program.

He signed up for the Aba Mastering Footwear Training, a decision that was fueled by his passion for shoe making.

Let’s hear from Opeyemi about his experience at The Academy.

Hi Opeyemi, please introduce yourself.

Hello, my name is Opeyemi Salem Konigbagbe.

How did you hear about The Aba Mastering Footwear Program?

I got to know about the program through a friend.

What motivated you to sign up for the Program?

My passion and zeal for shoe making prompted me to sign up for the program.

I had the passion to pursue a career in footwear production, and the training was an opportunity to develop my knowledge and experience.

Tell us your experience during the training.

It is an experience I am grateful that I signed up for. My shoemaking dream came to reality through this training.

At first, I doubted the possibility of learning shoemking in just few months, but The Footwear Academy had other plans for me.

They made shoemaking so easy and fun. Though it wasn’t all rosy, I’m glad I was a part of The Aba Mastering Footwear Program.

Interesting, so what’s next for you?

I intend to continue practicing while sourcing for funds to establish a brand of my own.

I am proud of my creations so far and I hope to do more.

Nice, kindly drop your contact information.

Ok. I can be reached with the  phone number 08081191387.

What advice do you have for young people?

The young people should be up and doing. Being focused and determined is a step to achieving one’s goal. Aim higher and the sky will be your stepping stone.

Thank you Opeyemi for acknowledging our effort. We appreciate. We wish you success in your journey ahead.

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