Alumni of the week – Oluomachi Unogu

“The secret of getting ahead, is getting started” – Mark Twain.

Introducing the fifth edition of the “Alumni of the Week” series. Each edition comes with a whole new package.

Here is the link to the previous edition. Sit back and enjoy.

Meanwhile, this edition is all about an Enterpreneur, Oluomachi Unogu, one of our Batch A student of The Aba Mastering Footwear Program.

Oluomachi is a vibrant and energetic Enterpreneur in the footwear industry.

She runs an online store “Oma’s Footwear”, a brand that sells unisex footwears.

She had always looked forward to a day she can proudly make her own footwear.

The Aba Mastering Footwear Program was just the perfect opportunity for her.

Let’s hear her experience at The Footwear Academy.

Hi Oma, please introduce yourself.

Hello, my name is Oluomachi Godlead Unogu.

How did you hear about The Aba Mastering Footwear Program?

I heard about the program on social media platform, Instagram precisely.

What motivated you to sign up for The Aba Mastering Footwear Program?

I had always wanted to learn and master how to make footwear in different designs.

The program was just a perfect opportunity for me.

And how will you sum up your experience at The Footwear Academy?

It was a wonderful and unforgettable experience. Making shoes of different styles which includes decollete, Oxford, and so on, which I never thought I could do.

The Footwear Academy made that possible for me, and I’m grateful.

Also The Footwear Academy has helped me explore options, on business strategies and setting standards.

I can really say I have got so much experience after my encounter at The Footwear Academy.

Really interesting, so what’s next for you?

I’m working towards establishing and owning a brand of my own, by name “Oma’s footwear”, where all kinds of footwear and leather work are crafted.

Here is my business logo.

Great, what advice do you have for young people?

My advice is that they should learn a skill and try to always source out for opportunities that lies in it.

Always focus on whatever you put your mind into, don’t forget putting God as your priority.

Kindly drop your contact information.

Alright, my phone number is 07069639396 or 09052338795.

My business social media handle on Instagram and Facebook is ” Oma’s Footwear”.

Thank you for your time Oluomachi.

We are happy to be part of your growth process. We wish you all the best in your journey ahead.



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